Middle School Madness (Formerly Youth Center)

Updated Thursday September 19, 2019 by Patrick Manupella.

Middle School Madness (Formerly known as Youth Center)

Attention Middle School Students

Join us for a series of fun evenings this school year!




  • Safe environment where middle school students can enjoy DJ Music, Dancing, Sports, Pizza and many more activities

  • Open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders

  • Held on select Fridays October - April, at Southampton Middle School

  • Event runs from 6:45-9:00pm  

Registration Information – Please Read

  • Pre-registration is mandatory to be able to attend - walk-ins are not permitted

  • Please read program rules and regulations below, by signing your student up, you agree to the terms listed

  • Cost $60.00 per student - one time fee for the 2019 - 2020 school year; Family Max. $160.00

  • This program requires that a Parent / Guardian volunteers one event date per student for student to participate in Middle School Madness

  • Parents / Guardians must register themselves first under the "Apply to Coach / Volunteer" and then click "Middle School Madness 2019 - 2020 - Chaperones" and go through the entire process of registration (there is no fee - it will say $0.00).  Code will be given at the very end.

  • Parent will receive a registration code that will be necessary to register student

  • Parent will then register their student using the, “Register to Play / Participate" session – please have a recent student photo ready to upload for registration completion

Middle School Madness 2019 - 2020 Schedule

October 25, 2019

November 22, 2019

January 24, 2020

February 21, 2020

March 20, 2020

April 17, 2020


Register Here


If you have any questions about Middle School Madness please contact us at: HFGyouthcenter@aol.com


Important Information

1.            Event Time:  6:45 pm – 9:00 pm (please pick up on time)

2.            Drop Off:  Students may be dropped off in front of the school prior to event; check in will begin at 6:45 and parents / guardians do not need to be present.  Please remind your student to check in at the table labeled with the first letter of their last name.

3.            Pick Up:  The doors will open at 9:00.  Parents / Guardians will be directed by the Security Team to form 2 lines in front of the school.  Please instruct your student to wait in front of the school until you arrive.  We do not want the students walking around the parking lot looking for their ride.

4.            Early Pick Up: Students leaving prior to 9:00 pm will require a parent / guardian to sign them out.  A table will be set up inside the lobby.

5.            Late Drop Off: Students are welcome at any time, but they must check in upon arrival.

6.            Food: Pizza, Drinks and Cookies will be available for sale in the cafeteria

7.            Rules and Regulations: Please review the below rules and regulations with your student prior to event.





  1. Membership is open to youth in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.Membership is NOT transferable.

  2. MSM hours are from 6:45 to 9:00pm.MSM will be responsible for participants only after they have entered the building, or, in special circumstances, only after entering the building where the event is taking place.

  3. MSM is open to MEMBERS ONLY.Sneaking anyone in will result in suspension for next date.Registration is limited to 450 members.

  4. Arrangements for transportation home should be made prior to arrival at MSM.Students must be picked up at 9:00pm SHARP! Any remaining students at 9:15pm will be suspended from the next Middle School Madness.Should a student be suspended a second time, they will be removed from the program for the remainder of the year.There will be no exceptions.If your child needs to leave prior to 9:00pm with another adult, a sign-out sheet will be used for that purpose. NOTE: Parental authorization is strongly encouraged if your child is leaving early with someone else!

  5. Appropriate clothing must be worn.Gym shoes must be worn.No black sole shoes.NO HATS ARE PERMITTED.Halters and tube tops are not allowed.Navels, bare backs and bra straps may not be showing.

  6. No kissing, suggestive dancing or other inappropriate display of affection is allowed.

  7. If a participant does not abide by MSM rules, his/her name will be placed in our “Warning Book”.If a second warning is given, parents will be notified by mail.Membership will be revoked upon a third violation.MSM staff may revoke any membership at any time for behavior deemed contrary to the purpose and objectives of the MSM Program.

  8. Additional rules will be applied as they pertain to a particular activity.

  9. If a student is suspended from school, he/she will not be able to attend MSM.

  10. Students will not be able to go to their lockers under any circumstances.

  11. Misuse of equipment will not be tolerated.

  12. No guests are allowed.

  13. All School rules are in effect during MSM.

  14. We do allow cell phones however we are unable to control the distribution of electronic media (cell phone or camera) on social networking sites and assume no responsibility in the event it occurs.




  15. Foul or abusive language is not permitted, to include harassment.

  16. Smoking, vaping, juuling, in the school building or on school grounds before, during or after MSM activity hours is prohibited.

  17. Participants are not permitted to leave the MSM activity area early unless picked up by an adult (see Rule 5).The adult must come into the school and notify a MSM staff member before a participant is permitted to leave.




  18. No possession, use, or transfer of alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia is permitted.

  19. Rowdiness or disrespect for the participants, staff, chaperones or school/facility is not permitted.

  20. No weapons of any kind are permitted in or around the MSM activity.


    INCLEMENT WEATHER:  If schools are closed, so is MSM.  If it starts to snow, freeze, or other weather emergency, please pick your child up as soon as possible.